There should be more, much more...


Talking about #Bi-facial #PV systems, we see too much of generator capacity wasted, based on unexperienced EPC companies, inconsequent #engineering #concepts and investors which do not supervise the adaption of their investments by a #professional TA.


The deltas are still substantial as the industry is ‘hoping’ to gain a few percent more energy…
It is crucial that we talk about DC or AC limitations and inverter setup, orientation of system and DC-AC ratio first before approving systems which never reach their potential.


As a global Bi-facial engineering #leader with over 17’800 MW of system application capacity experience in more than 235 PV Powerplants we ensure the results required to maximize yields, optimize refinancing scenarios and smoothen project application from ‘technology to finance’ – Green Energy Venture AG is happy to engage, talk to us to unleash the full potential of every Watt you pay for!