In professional hands.

at Green Energy Venture we create readiness for tomorrow - shaped today.

green energy venture is a long year experienced renewable energy systems provider working along technology and finance.

We have accompanied many projects globally ensuring the achievement of  project targets, yield and timing characteristics. we specialize operating along the entire value chain of todays renewable technologies in Wind, Photovoltaics, Hydropower, Storage, Biomass and Hydrogen projects and the combination of those generation forms.

with our expert teams we guide, assist and plan from development of a project over it’s execution phase towards final implementation.

in development, primary and secondary asset markets we are adding value through our interdisciplinary grown expertise and are consequently able to perform a holistic solutions portfolio out of one hand.


See our introduction video for a full overview.

main segments

project developer services
one-stop-shop from engineering to project finance
owners engineering & support
intellingence from fab. engineering to hybrid power plant design
transaction & advisory services
outstanding arranger services customized and efficient