Reports on Polysilicon prices, effects and: Just to justify


The reported Polysilicon refining capacities which inherit capability to produce at required purity grades are not a scarce resource in our eyes. As demands are increasingly clear out to be consistent with the global markets demand, mainland China shows for the first time in a decade that its abilities are still by far not exhausted in terms of amending the situation, which historically is only then considered in such a scale when its a longlasting #development AND justified economically. Either or of was the case past years, but not both, therefore Chinas industry leaders react – be aware: The global RES pickup changed the minds of truly influential companies, which control vast parts of the upstream PV #supply chain and this will have a (well balaced, but) significant impact.


Being well connected to the producing value chain based on process works of the past 20 years, we see the actual development to 210mm full square solar cells arriving to around 40% of market share as very significant and at the same time much quicker than anticipated, based on the demands. #China produces currently almost 98% of the global Wafer capacity.


Fact is, that M10, 12 #solar cells bear the potential to amost halfen in price from 0.21 down to 0.12-0.14 $ -cents per W, based on polysilicon price developments, which is the main PV cost driver and will have a 3-6 $-cents per W impact southwards on module level. Production capacities at the same time could eventually increase by 35% to over 700 GW, both effects are likely to happen within the coming year only, which will allow for an even better coverage of solar global supplies…


We are tensioned how firm CN will drive these effects, still, global PV boost depends almost fully on Chinese materials, wherever local productions grow, the indepency will not reach an additional percent seeing the inner mainland ramp.


Happy to share more insides and create the right scenarios for future projects Green Energy Venture AG 🙌