positioning and management statement


Daniel A. Oechslin,
Managing Director, Green Energy Venture Group

In every business, trusted, experienced and reliable partners are of uncomparable value. Our organization bears the clear focus to serve as a trusted intelligence and services partner along technology engineering, finance and application of renewable technologies. We focus on global portfolios of utility scale with a strong focus on PV and Wind, further we feel home in Hydropower and Biomass technologies.



The message and leading phrase “from technology to finance” is what we as management expect from our organization and what we represent. Performing a highly professional and holistic services portfolio along the value chain of renewable energies is our unique selling preposition and at the same time core competence.



The decision to proactively run a wide services spread is carefully defined by experience and driven by our proactive way of working in the field over three decades. Our cross-technologies approach from engineering towards the application market allows us to run professional teams in each segment, which are working hand in hand to provide interdisciplinar, proven solutions out of one hand.



Our clients and partners are contributing of in-depth finance and technology know-how which our experts carry and apply on a daily basis in global projects. We serve faithful and reliable, now and in the future, to prepare our environement for the generations to come.





Daniel A. Oechslin