How it is manageable that the difference of top-notch energy systems is visible in the field?


We are frequently asked, how it is manageable that the #difference of top-notch energy systems is visible in the field, and #answers are divers..


Especially when large #portfolios are applied a combination of off-the-shelf products and a detailed chaining from #supply to #engineering and #construction is important, adding the layer of #supremacy over average systems, which creates a visible effect.


In the image above such a #system is displayed, balanced in electrical engineering, lcoe in its application scenario and an outstanding #mechanical fit, which comes through a combination of all the techniques described and lasts at least 35 years from its commissioning date. This sytem runs at 94% PR which is #measured in operation and not a theoretical number, therefore #generating 4,x% more returns over an average installation.


#Yield comes not only with Cell, Module or System efficiency; low o&m costs, ideal and long-lasting #materials plus an ideal and proven way of a setup do count equally to owners of #RES assets.


Lets join hands to make systems in an own class – Green Energy Venture AG


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