Grid #balancing is crucial, and will be even more if our national grids shall carry our #energy future, or at least parts of.


Grid #balancing is crucial, and will be even more if our national grids shall carry our #energy future, or at least parts of.

Connecting imbalanced #generation facilities to public grids is meanwhile common, but the problem gets more central with the speed of new project developments going into operation.

Available frequency regulation resources are already #critical in certain regions, therefore we have to act now!
By #analyzing and modelling situations of mid and long-term #load scenarios, massive corrective costs for the coming decade can be made through well planned capacitiy #engineering.

Many power system operators searching for tools to stabilize frequency and voltage and accurate forecasts are of enourmous importance in this regard. Green Energy Venture AG is in deep collaboration with governmental agencies, the responsible #stakeholders and several european and international grid operators to analyze these circumstances.

We are talking #facts regarding hybrid applications, their economic impact and connection to balancing solutions from the #generator to DLT. We are ready to develop a capable, #sustainable environement – challenge us.

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