The Green Energy Venture companies are bearing deep expertise along renewable energies. From upstream value chain in fabrication engineering, transaction management of renewable projects, quality & claims management and market intelligence, we cover holisticly the value chain from technology to finance.


Interdisciplinary grown expertise and knowledge is our strength. Our processes and services are embedded in a functional system, which is linked rationally. The group companies are enhancing each others value chain – we built a system where the experts have known each other over years and focus on market proven, professional support.



The global network in the branches we work enable our clients and partners to meet the required contacts to advance their business. The capabilities of Green Energy Venture and its group companies are consequently able to perform a holistic solutions portfolio out of one hand. In our projects we integrate top cast experts, deriving from finance and industry markets, own project managers and engineering.

Green Energy Venture Engineering AG
Green Energy Venture Advisory AG
Accelios Solar is a global leading player in claims and quality management of renewable assets.
The company reached an unparalleled number of over 7000 cases L11Y, which results in a collection of vast experience data and know-how regarding performance of renewable assets. Operational risks, technical hurdles and their mitigation in best practice is core competence enhanced through other services.
SMD, Solar Merchant Developments is the project development entity of Green Energy Venture Group.
Based in Madrid, we are operating in transaction and projects development for different clients. Initially founded to serve in Spain, we are operating meanwhile also in Latin America and if required other geographies.
We ensure structuring of development projects from technical approval to financial bankability.