Alpine Solar - The Swiss Answer to the Winter Power Gap


Alpine Solar – The Swiss Answer to the Winter Power Gap in Europe’s elevated regions with up to 40% above-average energy production: Secure, local, and renewable energy made in the Swiss Alps.

We believe in a positive, sustainable future powered by local, decentrally arranged renewable energy sources. Such a clean energy future is secure, long-term, and cost-efficient. Solar irradiation on south-facing alpine mounts, combined with colder temperatures, yields up to 1580 kWh/kWp in summer and above 650 kWh/kWp during the cold period, which means significantly higher energy production than in flatlands all around the year.

These first-of-a-kind renewable assets, engineered by Green Energy Venture AG, are fully economically integrated into alpine farmlands: Cutting-edge utility-scale solar energy applications seamlessly embedded into existing infrastructure in sound respect of nature, including crops and animals, landscape, and environmental protection needs are crucial.

We assist several Alpine Project developers to succeed with the engineering, technology selection, and project management towards a successful Solar-Express motivated implementation.